Method of assessment

Jury members give scores to the exhibition stands and the gold, silver and bronze medals are granted to those who have attained the needed score and standard. 

The assessment is conducted as per the following four main factors. 

Through the scores towards the final the number of medal winners decreases. 30 final winners, 5 direct winner, and annual invention medal winner in Savoy are announced in British annual invention ceremony. 

مدل ارزیابی


The BIS jury assesses the companies’ innovative products as per the following 4 main factors:

  • Patenting potential of product innovation
  • Commercialization
  • Design and appearance
  • Quality and performance 

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معرفی نمایشگاه نوآوری BIS

British Invention Show

Big ideas shall be exposed to potential partners in business and industry whose resources and skills may distinct between an excellent idea and reality.

BIS was established so that through gathering innovation and business, investors and inventors, designers and producers as well as through providing relevant services new business opportunities are generated.

We are happy to host annual British and global inventions awards.

A jury of 25 experts processes the inventions and the winners will be announced on 24th October.

The first BIS event was held in 2001 in Barbiken Center, London. The British Inventors Society was established in 2003.

The said group includes innovators and inventors, academics and entrepreneurs with this common thought:

Invention is a vital sparkle which causes promotion of global technology and new system of capital generation.

معرفی نمایشگاه نوآوری BIS

Gallery ceremony show